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Services Today

8.30 Holy Communion (p207)

Leader Mike Lange-Smith

Celebrant Mike Lange-Smith

Preacher Eira Wykes

Server Eira Wykes

Readers Will Bailhache, Hilary Hardy

Eira Wykes

Prayers Jenny Gruchy

Welcomers Will Bailhache, Hilary Hardy

9.30 Messy Sunday

Grouville Church welcomes you

very warmly to Messy Sunday!

This week

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

Services next Sunday

8.30am Holy Communion

9.30am Holy Communion at St Peter La Rocque

10.30am Holy Communion

Other Events

Gift Day Heartfelt thanks for all your gifts!

Our grand total currently stands at £3,700.

Surplus spectacles Since we began collecting, we have now collected 700 pairs for the Spektrek charity.

Charity Christmas cards

Available in the Matt Le Maistre room at £3 per pack.

Cause of the Quarter

We are supporting the Jersey Alzheimer's Society.

Please consider giving to this cause in addition to your regular Church giving and complete a tax reclaim form for any donation larger than £50. Information about their work can be found at www.jerseyalzheimers.com


Wendy was not able to complete the rota during the past week, so it will be published later this week.

Pray for……

Jill Le Maistre, Helen Oppenheimer, Jane Le Cocq and Berna Fontaine (fractured femur).

The plans for a Toddlers group, starting in January.

Those suffering bereavement at this time.

Suzy Vivian as she takes up the role of our Church Administrator.

The Grouville Community Support Group.

Wendy taking an assembly at the school this week.

Myfanwy as she sets off on a trek in Patagonia.