Up Coming Events

Sunday 11th June

Services Today

8.30 Holy Communion (p207)

Leader/Celebrant Mike Lange-Smith

Preacher/Server Eira Wykes

Readers Will Bailhache, Jan Romeril

Mike Lange-Smith

Prayers Nicky Renouf

Welcomers Will Bailhache, Jan Romeril

10.30 Holy Communion

Leader/Celebrant Mike Lange-Smith

Preacher/Server Eira Wykes

Readers Caroline Osgood, Eira Wykes

Prayers Jenny Gruchy

Welcomers Bob Hambly, Caroline Osgood

Organist Brian Williams

Hymns at 10.30

212 Holy, holy, holy

122 Father, Lord of all creation

535 We pray thee, heavenly Father

Lord of the Church, we pray for our renewing

During Communion (please join in)

29 An upper room did our Lord prepare

5 Abba, Father

This week in Church

Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

1.30pm Memorial service

Eric Baker

Services next Sunday

8.30am Holy Communion

10.30am Morning Worship

Other Events


Wendy will assume you are available for any date in July unless you let her know by the end of today.

Cause of the Quarter We are supporting the Sue May Brain Tumour Trust. Please find an envelope to make a contribution at the back of the church.

Pray for……

Jill Le Maistre and Libby McCourt

The Ministry Team plus others as they learn more about MAP with Bob Jackson on Monday

Wendy taking Assemblies at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday

The Family Worship planning team on Thursday

The Roads Committee and other members of the municipality.

Mission Action Plan

Please pick up a copy of the Purpose statements that have been offered so far. Note that some of them are focused on God, some are focused on ourselves, and some are about the wider community. Can you think of a short statement that encapsulates all three of those and puts it all neatly “in a nutshell”?

If you were not at the recent

annual meeting, please also

pick up a copy of the talk that

Mike gave at the meeting. It

refers to the focus on mission

in the Deanery at this time.