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Services Today

8.30 Holy Communion (p207)
Leader/Server Wendy Lange-Smith
Celebrant/Preacher Mike Lange-Smith
Readers Wendy Lange-Smith, Ian Hardy
Mike Lange-Smith
Prayers Wendy Lange-Smith
Welcomers Ian Hardy

    1. Holy Communion
      Leader/Server Wendy Lange-Smith
      Celebrant/Preacher Mike Lange-Smith
      Readers Shelagh Dix, Caroline Osgood
      Prayers Wendy Lange-Smith
      Welcomers Shelagh Dix & Caroline Osgood
      Organist Martina

      Hymns at 10.30
      81 Christ triumphant
      186 Great is thy faithfulness
      277 Jesus shall reign
      432 Rejoice, the Lord is King!
      During Communion (Please join in)
      287 Just as I am
      500 There is a Redeemer

      This week in Church
      Tuesday 5.30pm Baptisms
      Lilly and Chloe Thompson
      Wednesday 10.00am Holy Communion

      Services next Sunday
      8.30am Holy Communion
      9.30am Holy Communion at St Peter La Rocque
      10.30am Holy Communion

REAL Advent Calendar The REAL Advent Calendar is a great way to share the real meaning of Christmas with younger children – or with anyone who just loves chocolate! It comes with a Christmas story activity booklet, designed for use on each day of Advent. The chocolate is quality Fairtrade (and has no palm oil) and there is a donation to charity from every sale. If you have not heard of it before, you can find all the details on the notice at the back of the church, where there is also an order form for your use.

Cause of the Quarter We are supporting the Jersey Alzheimer's Society. Information about their work can be found at www.jerseyalzheimers.com

Diocesan Day of Prayer
Advance notice of this, taking place from lunchtime to lunchtime on 17 - 18 November. Please note the date.

The sad saga of the missing trug
Does anyone know the whereabouts of a brown jug that was used in one of the Harvest decorations?

Pray for……
Jill Le Maistre and Helen Oppenheimer.
The plans for a Parents and Toddlers group, commencing in January.
A new church administrator to be found soon, now that someone has had to draw back from the post.
Those recently bereaved.